Kappa Map Group provides the largest selection of map titles of any US map publisher. KMG products include a complete selection of easier-to-read and full size, mid-size, and pocket US Road Atlases, paper and laminated street, state, national and world maps, educational wall and desk maps, and custom and pre-formatted wall maps.

With brands extending as far back as 1916, Kappa Map Group, LLC, is a recognized leader in the publishing of printed map products in North America.
Kappa Map Group, LLC was formed in early 2011 to provide a single umbrella over our growing family of map brands – Universal Map, American Map, Mapsco, Hagstrom, and ADC.

Here’s a little history on our brands…

Hagstrom: In 1916 Andrew Hagstrom opened a drafting business in lower Manhattan. Hagstrom produced a simple map to guide people to his new office. Within 10 years Hagstrom Map Company had developed maps of all 5 NYC boroughs.

American Map: American Map began creating its line of authoritative maps and atlases in 1923. American’s maps have been relied upon by travelers throughout the U.S. for years.

Mapsco: In 1948 Milton Boyd Keith a frustrated Dallas florist tired of having his delivery drivers get lost began his search for an accurate up-to-date map source. Unable to find such maps Keith and his store manager Lily Kendrick began researching and designing, hand-drawn maps that anyone could use. The first commercial edition of a MAPSCO Street Guide was published in 1952. Since then MAPSCO has become a leading maker of maps for the Texas, New Mexico and Colorado areas.

ADC – The Map People: ADC began in 1956 when photographer Richard Robertson, who earned his living photographing houses for sale in Northern Virginia began mapping out the locations. Robertson’s business grew to produce the most well-known map and atlas brand in the region.

Universal Map: In 1976 Universal Map Enterprises was founded in the wake of the oil embargo. Gas shortages during the embargo virtually halted travel in the U.S., and as a result, the oil companies suspended their free map programs. Universal Map stepped into the void with its map vending machines, and over the years, has built one of the largest collections of maps available for the United States.

In November 2007 Universal Map Enterprises was acquired by Universal Map Group, LLC, an affiliate of the “Kappa” family of companies. UMG acquired the assets of JSK Map Services of Knoxville, TN in March of 2009, and those of Texas based Mapsco in March of 2010. Continuing the growth, in September of 2010 UMG acquired intellectual property and other assets of American Map Corporation, Hagstrom Map Company Inc., and Alexandria Drafting Company (ADC). Today we are simply Kappa Map Group – America’s largest family of map brands.

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