World and US Wall Map Combo

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Kappa Map Group presents a combo product with our US wall map and world maps. See below for more information regarding each map.

US Wall Map:
Bright, contrasting colors clearly identify political divisions on this Wall Map of the United States by Kappa Map Group which measures 6’5″[w] x 4’6″[h] or 77″ W x 54″ H with a scale of 1″ + approximately 40 miles.


The special features and data contained on this large scale wall map of the United States are as follows: Cities and Towns, Freeways, Interchange & Exit Numbers, Interstate Highways, Longitude and Latitude lines, Mountain Ranges, National Forests, Rivers and Lakes, State Highways, State Lines & Time Zones.

Map insets Include: Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Additional features of this map include color coded states and a Mileage chart between major cities. The map is protected with a laminated finish, which is both markable and washable.

World Map:
The Robinson Projection Wall Map of the World by Kappa Map Group is laminated, measures 74 by 53 inches, provides color-coded countries, major and capital cities, major water features, national flags, country names, state boundaries, longitude/latitude lines, and international time zones.

Map is available with the following options:

  • Spring roller: A Spring roller is applied to a Laminated map to turn it into a pull down map.
  • Spring roller/Backboard: Laminated map is attached to spring roller and we provide backboard and all components to mount map on wall.
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  • Width 77, Height 54
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  • Kappa Map/Universal Map