Vancouver Destination City Map

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Destination Maps combine finely detailed maps with fascinating and practical travel information. Maps feature a large-scale city map, richly layered with tourist and business travel locations and information.


3-D styled drawings provide you with instant identification of famous buildings and landmarks. The reverse side includes regional maps, top attractions, airport diagrams, travel tips, transit maps and an extensive index to streets, cities, neighborhoods, parks, points of interest, museums, monuments, government buildings, subway stations, hotels, and more. Multi-language legends are included on each map.

Exploring Vancouver is as easy as unfolding this sturdy, laminated map. The front features a large-scale city map that highlights tourist and business travel locations with 3-D styled drawings. The back includes: Regional overview; Points of interest; Translink public transportation map; Inset maps for Granville and Vancouver Islands; Information on Stanley Park and Victoria; Lodging; Entertainment; Airport diagram; Multi-language legend. A detailed index enables you to quickly locate locations on the map.

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