US Interstate Wall Map

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The United States Wall Map measuring 60″ x 42″ (5′ W x 3’6″ H) is published by Universal Map. Provides inset maps of Alaska and Hawaii. Includes a scale of 1″ = approximately 50 miles. Printed on a laminated surface that is both markable and washable. Indexed in a separate book. Mounted on hanging rails both top and bottom.


Map details include state and interstate highways, freeways, rivers and lakes, national forests, mountain ranges, cities and towns, national monuments, historical sites, state lines, time zones, longitude and latitude lines, and color-coded states.

Railed wall maps can be turned into pull down maps on spring rollers for an additional $30.

  • 2573230
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  • Width 60, Height 42
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  • Kappa Map/Universal Map