Suffolk County, NY Western Wall Map

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Kappa Map Group’s Western Suffolk County, New York Wall Map measures 6’5″ x 4’6″ (77″ x 54″), including complete street detail at a scale of 1″ = 2000 ft.; laminated surface that is markable and washable; and street indexing in a separate book.


The area of coverage runs: North: to Long Island Sound; South: to the Atlantic; East: to the Naval Weapons Industrial Plant; West: approximately 3 miles west of the Nassau County Line.

Details and features: all streets, hospitals, railroads, airports, cemeteries, shopping centers, water features, recreational parks, governmental buildings, police stations, educational facilities, golf courses and country clubs, ZIP codes and boundaries, points of interest and more.

Map is available with the following options:

  • Laminated: Laminated for protection on both sides. Use wet erase markers to write on & wipe off.
  • Railed: Black plastic framing rails are added on the top and bottom of your Laminated map for easy wall mounting.
  • Spring roller: A Spring roller is applied to a Laminated map to turn it into a pull down map.
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  • Width 77, Height 54
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